How long should you wear the BOOSTSHIRT™

The amount of time required for developing a healthy bearing habit usually differs from one person to another. While the makers of some correctors claim that it is possible to achieve results by wearing the braces for around 10 minutes daily, others are of the opinion that your can wear them for 30 minutes or may be even longer. Over time, as these braces work towards correcting your alignment and strengthening your muscles, you can use less and less of the device. However, you will need to wear them as long as it is required for you to get into good posture habits of your own.

How soon are results noticeable?

The results depend solely on your seriousness of wearing the posture corrector braces and maintain a correct posture. By being diligent about your posture at all times, you would not even feel the need of wearing one.

Does the BOOSTSHIRT™ cause pain or discomfort?

No, a poor posture is a habit, as for an example of how do you sit at your work desk. 
Our posture corrector brace is a belt that, wrapping your shoulder in a figure-8, remind you to keep the good posture. 
The use of a posture brace can cause neck pain, pain/constriction around shoulder/armpit ONLY if the model that you are using is too small.

Can you sleep with the BOOSTSHIRT™

No. Using BOOSTSHIRT™ Is useless during sleep, it’s designed to keep your back straight when you stand or sit. If you have back pain at night, you should try to use some special pillow